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Fuel Consumption Labelling

Display Requirements

The requirements for anyone displaying a car for sale or lease can be found in the legislation “The Passenger Car (Fuel consumption and CO2 Emissions Information) Regulations which first came into force on 21st November 2001 and implemented into UK law EU Directive (1999/94/EC).  Since then, UK legislation has been subsequently updated by Statutory Instruments (SI) 2004 No. 1661; 2013 No. 65; and 2018 No. 673 (published June 2018).

VCA have created some guidance notes on the display and advertising of fuel consumption here:  Guidance Notes (PDF 456.5KB) - version 10, last revised November 2018.

There are three main types of label available at this time: 

Go to and choose the last option to "Download example Environmental labels in use from 1st January 2019". 


Click on that option to download PDF versions of the: 

  • Standard comparative label;
  • Custom comparative label;
  • Pure electric label; and
  • Electric hybrid label