New Car Fuel Consumption & Emission Figures

This page was last updated on 27th November 2023


The purpose of this guide is to help consumers make an informed choice when buying or leasing a new car, enabling them to identify models which could save them money on fuel and energy costs as well as reducing the impact on the environment through cutting emissions of both carbon dioxide (CO2) and air pollutants. Owners and drivers have a key role to play through the choice of cleaner and quieter vehicles.

This guide lists the fuel consumption, CO2, and other tail pipe emissions performance figures of new cars currently on the market in the UK. It explains the impact of road transport on climate change and air quality, and ways of reducing these impacts.  It provides answers to the typical questions that consumers may ask, as well as, provided in the Annex, information on what action government is taking. Guidance is also provided on technology choice and how a vehicle is used and maintained.

Figures obtained from official tests, which are required before a model of car may be offered for sale are listed for most conventionally powered cars (petrol and diesel engines), alternatively fuelled vehicles, hybrid vehicles that combine an electric motor with a conventional engine, and pure electric vehicles.  Table 1 describes these different technologies and fuels.