VCA’s Point of Sale (POS) System

This page was last updated on 16th May 2024

Dealers are obliged to present a label showing the official fuel consumption and CO2 data for every new car displayed in a showroom or as part of an exhibition.  The exact requirements around are set out in The Passenger Car (Fuel consumption and CO2 Emissions Information) Regulation 2001 (as last amended in 2018).  To find out more about the requirements for labelling new cars, please follow this link to our fuel consumption labelling page.

To assist car manufacturers in ensuring that their dealer networks meet this statutory requirement, we have provided an on-line Point of Sale – “label maker” system.  The system has a number of features for creating labels and showroom posters and can be configured in a number of ways.  In essence however, it is an easy to use and affordable solution for producing labels and posters that also provides a full audit trail enabling manufacturers and/or VCA to track actions.

VCA’s “POS” system is the ideal solution for producing environmental labels for cars.  For more information, please contact us by e-mail: and we will get in touch to discuss your particular requirements.