Conformity of Production (CoP)

This page was last updated on 9th February 2022

Conformity of Production (CoP) is a means of evidencing the ability to produce a series of products that exactly match the specification, performance and marking requirements outlined in the type approval documentation.  Whether you are a manufacturer, or the agent applying for approvals on behalf of a manufacturer, and whatever your product is, suitable CoP arrangements must be made.

GB Scheme Conformity of Production

Conformity of Production (CoP) clearance will be required to be held directly with VCA for the introduction of the Full Scheme.  Please take a look at our Question and Answer section for current details on the requirements.

GB Conformity of Production (CoP) workshop 2021

A big thank you to everyone who recently attended our online and face-to-face CoP workshops. It was a great opportunity for us to highlight the Conformity of Production requirements for the GB Type Approval Scheme, while at the same time answer your questions.

View the questions and answers we received during the CoP workshops

You can find the presentations from the workshops below:

Introduction to Conformity of Production (CoP)

UK Conformity of Production (CoP) (GB/UK(NI))

2018/858/EU and CoP

VCA CoP Seminars Glossary of terms