What is CoP?

This page was last updated on 1st August 2023

Conformity of Production Price List

Price list effective from August 2023

New clearances

Audit, 1 day1 (All manufacturers)£1470
Audit, 2 day1 (All manufacturers)£1785
Remote Audit2 (All manufacturers)£890
Assessment, 1 site (Accredited ISO/IATF certificate holders - not available for GB/ UK(NI))£357
Additional sites covered at same time£133.50 per site
M / N category Enhancement scheme£356

Updates to existing clearances

Test data evaluation£89
ISO Certificate update£89
Enhancement Scheme annual assessment£89
Name, address, representative and scope updates (With issue of compliance statement)£268
Name, address, representative and scope updates (Without issue of compliance statement3)£133.50


At manufacturers premises£89 per hour (minimum 4 hour charge)
At VCA officeUp to 1 hour free with additional hours at £89 per hour
GB / UK(NI) Phase 2 Scoping Meeting£89 per hour
GB / UK(NI) / OEM Annual Meeting£890


1 Approval holders / Assembly plants previously rated “A or B” during a VCA Audit will be subject to a one day audit, with those rated “C” previously will be subject to a two day audit. In exceptional circumstances a half day audit may only be required, and in these cases a charge of £939 will be made.

2 Remote audits are conducted on surveillance years to sites covered by GB / UK(NI) approvals or in extraordinary circumstances (i.e. pandemic)

3 Only possible for GB / UK(NI) / UN clearances. Certificate required for EU clearance.