Introduction of Conformity of Production for the GB / UK(NI) Schemes

This page was last updated on 4th March 2024

All manufacturers will be required to hold Conformity of Production (CoP) clearance directly with VCA before they are able to obtain a full GB or UK(NI) Type Approval.  Depending on the Type Approval category (M, N, L, T, O etc) the implementation date is staggered, and therefore the date the approval, and as a consequence CoP clearance, is needed will vary.  For the latest timeline please refer to our page on GB Type Approval.

In all cases, the new CoP clearance process will be implemented in three phases.

The Application Process

If you are not an existing customer of VCA, you will need to set up an account with us. A Customer Account Application Form can be found here and in the publications area of our website.

When you are ready to undertake your Phase Two initial assessment, please contact us at the email address below.

In future, large manufacturers with multiple assembly plants may be allocated a Principal Compliance Engineer to co-ordinate their work.

Please direct all correspondence regarding GB CoP to

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view our FAQ page relating to the GB CoP implementation.