Introduction of Conformity of Production for the GB / UK(NI) Schemes

This page was last updated on 26th May 2022

Ongoing Clearance / Business as Usual

Following the three phases to obtain a CoP GB Scheme approval, an annual or quarterly meeting will need to continue, together with on-site audits and remote audits. All this will depend on risk as evaluated by us and will follow a three-year cycle. All elements will need to be conducted to gain and retain clearance.

Don’t worry, we will contact you, usually by email, to make arrangements for any audits or meetings. However, if we do not receive a response your CoP and approvals will enter the withdrawal procedure. It is really important you let us know of any changes to your name, addresses, subject list (scope), representatives and any other relevant information. Any approvals you apply for will not be issued unless all details match. Any updates we may receive from you, outside of other activities we are conducting, will incur a separate charge. You can make us aware of any detail’s changes during your quarterly or yearly meetings with us.

The earlier we are aware of the changes, the more likely we will be to meet your deadlines.