Introduction of Conformity of Production for the GB / UK(NI) Schemes

This page was last updated on 23rd February 2023

Phase Two – Initial Assessment (Scoping Meeting)

Phase Two of GB CoP implementation is an initial assessment which consists of a scoping meeting. This will need to be completed before a GB Type Approval is required, which will either be because a new approval is needed after the compulsory date of the GB Scheme or when the Provisional Approval expires. See the current timeline here.

The scoping meeting will be attended by a member of the VCA CoP team and will include setting out an audit plan for the clearance period. We will also agree a schedule of quarterly meetings and a schedule of on-site and remote audits for assembly plants. Completion of the initial assessment for the GB CoP scope will allow you to obtain GB Type Approvals.

The initial assessment is required for both new and existing VCA CoP holders, however, if the number of sites and the approval structure is simple (i.e. the approval holder and the assembly plant are the same entity) (i.e. manufacturer = only assembly plant) the process for approval may take less time.

The Scoping Meeting itself

It’s really important that we understand how your GB approvals will be administered. So, we will need to discuss areas such as, but not exclusive to:

  1. Who will be the approval holder – will this be the GB sales division and the same as EU approval?
  2. Who is the manufacturer’s representative and what is their role?
  3. Do they apply for the approvals?
  4. How much involvement in the process do they have and what are the CoP implications?
  5. Which assembly sites are going to be on the approvals?
  6. Is this as the EU approval(s) or is it a smaller number of sites that supply the GB market?
  7. Along with the information gathered, a schedule of required meetings will need to be determined for the clearance period
  8. An on-site audit at each assembly plant will be scheduled for completion within 3 years
  9. Sites not physically visited in any year will be subject to a remote audit

Please note that for vehicle manufacturers, an annual meeting with the approval holder will be scheduled to cover non-assembly plant items (i.e. Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI), Certificates of Conformity (CoC’s), CoP test data)

For manufacturers holding emissions approvals, quarterly meetings will be scheduled with the CoP holder so we can be kept up to date.

How and when will it happen?

The initial assessment may be completed before you are required to hold a GB Type Approval, however, to prevent any waste of clearance length, the initial assessment can agree an audit plan which does not start immediately.

If there is a long period of time between the scoping meeting and the need for full GB CoP, an update meeting may be needed before the start of phase three to confirm any changes.

It is recommended that you contact us to schedule this meeting in advance of requiring clearance to avoid the rush.

We will then issue a certificate detailing the dates, sites and subjects that are covered under this initial assessment. The CoP clearance will be subject to the scheduled meetings and audits being conducted as agreed. Failure to do so could mean having your clearance revoked.

How much will it cost?

Our cost for the initial assessment is £89 per hour.