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This page was last updated on 24th June 2022

UK Eco Innovations

Manufacturers will continue to be able to receive ‘credits’ for Eco Innovations (EI) – vehicle technologies that reduce CO2 emissions when the vehicle is in use on the road but that may not be taken into account during the traditional vehicle CO2 emissions test procedure. 

Eco innovations and Britain’s exit from the EU

Before 31 December 2020, the European Commission was responsible for approving all EIs, and post EU Exit the UK continues to recognise these existing EIs for use in the UK as CO2emissions reduction technologies.   

From 01 January 2021 however, the VCA have been nominated by the Secretary of State as the enforcement body for these regulations in the UK. Any manufacturer applying for approval of a new EI since then, will now also have to apply to the VCA for the EI to count towards a reduction in their UK average emissions.  

Similar to the provisional GB type approval scheme, this approval will not be automatic, meaning manufacturers and part suppliers will have to apply to the VCA for an EI technology to be approved in GB.   

Applying for a new UK eco innovation

EI applications must be accompanied by a verification report from a recognised independent technical body. Manufacturers will continue to be able to use technical services within Europe and the UK, including the VCA, to produce these reports.  

This allows manufacturers to test and verify that their provisional EI meets all the requirements of the UK EI approval regulations without having to ‘double-test’ their product in the EU and the UK.   

Manufacturers/parts suppliers are asked to provide all the information that they have previously provided to the European Commission to the VCA.   

The VCA can offer guidance to manufactures on any part of the EI application process or advise manufacturers on any EI proposals prior to them submitting a full application. For further information on applying for an EI to be approved in the UK, or for any other UK EI enquiries please contact: fleetaverage@vca.gov.uk 

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Flow chart illustrating how the UK and EU Eco innovations applications and approvals processes run in parallel


EI Codes Flowchart for UK & EU

BD-066 EI Codes Flowchart for UK & EU Rev 0 April 2022