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Label provision from May 2012

Site closed

At the end of May 2012, The VCA used car labelling system which was initially supplied through an online system developed by VCA, with funding from the Department of Transport (DfT) was closed.

The Department and industry considered however, that the initiative was an important and valuable one in providing useful consumer-facing information on used cars.  Following consultation, a number of external service providers were invited to take on the provision of the used car label.  At the core of this request was an understanding that the label itself would continue to be provided free of charge.  Provision of the label was also covered by a framework arrangement, developed and managed by the DfT.  The purpose of the arrangement was to ensure that provision of the label was managed appropriately and that the content remained robust.

There are two service providers who had committed to supplying the used car label. They wereExperian and HPI. 

Dealers wishing to produce used car labels should choose their preferred service provider and contact them directly to register using the following details:

Used Car label providers
Provider Tel Email and web address


Tel: 0870 4111200



Tel: 0870 8448440