Dangerous Goods Packaging

This page was last updated on 20th February 2020

Using UN Packaging

To avoid invalidating the UN approval, certified packaging should be used strictly in accordance with the relevant approval documents (the test report and certificate). The regulations require the packaging supplier to provide the user with all the information necessary to enable them to prepare the package for transport in accordance with the approved specification. This is usually done by providing the user with a copy of the test report accompanied by clear instructions, description of the method of assembly and closing, e.g. the type of adhesive tape that should be used to close a box and where it should be applied, or how tight to close a screw cap on a bottle or drum.

Broadly the UN addresses two types of packaging; the single and the combination.

The single packaging which would have a mark similar to:

The mark is for:

  • A non removable head steel drum (1A1)
  • Suitable for packing group two liquid with a relative density of 1.4 (Y1.4)
  • The substance can have a vapour pressure of approximately 140kPa leaving a safety factor of 60kPa (200kPa)

The mark does not describe the type of liquid (viscosity), closure method or closing torque – these are included when necessary in the test report and certificate.

The combination packaging which would have a mark similar to:

The mark is for:

  • A fibreboard box (4G)
    Suitable for substances/articles of packing groups one, two or three up to 20Kg gross mass (X20)
    For inner packagings. articles and solids (S)

The information does not tell you whether:

  • Inner packagings were tested or of what type (e.g plastics bottles, metal cans, paper bags) or articles or solids -the box may only be used for the contents that was tested and is recorded in the test report.
  • The box when filled needs cushioning or absorbent material or whether there are special fittings.
  • The box must be closed in a particular way.

All this information is included in the test report and certificate as provided by VCA or one of the other 15 UKAS approved test sites.

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