Dangerous Goods Packaging

This page was last updated on 28th November 2023

Packaging Approvals Database

Since the inception of the UN packaging tests, over 6,000 packaging certificates have been issued of which around 2,000 are live. Many certified packages are offered for sale by manufacturers or packaging specialists and these may be identified by the inclusion of a telephone number against some entries in the lists below.

Certificates for Approved Dangerous Goods Packagings are issued on the basis of test reports received from UKAS accredited test stations (for Dangerous Goods Packagings) in the UK.

The test stations carry out the required tests according to the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. The tests undertaken vary in type and intensity depending on the design of the packaging and the contents to be carried. Successfully tested design types may then be approved and awarded a UN mark. Approval certificates may be held by the packaging manufacturer, filler/shippers or a third party.

Buyers of packaging for Dangerous Goods should ensure that they obtain a copy of the certificate and the test report(s) relevant to the selected package. Without these documents it is not possible to ensure that the packaging is being used and closed as intended. Potential users in any doubt about a GB certified package should contact us for verification or advice.

The Packaging Approvals database is a list of approvals organised by packaging type and material. Each list starts with the approval number, it then lists the full UN mark as allocated, the certificate holders name and in some cases a phone number. Phone numbers are included only where the packaging is offered for sale and are either a general number or that of the person looking after that approval for that company. The certificate status list is organised by certificate number; the others are by packaging type.

Important Note:

Certificates shown as suspended cannot be manufactured and marked for use until new samples of the packaging have been verified by VCA.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the data is accurate, approvals are dynamic with additions and changes going on all the time VCA cannot be held liable for any use this data is put to or for any error contained herein.

The UN package approval marks listed here do not infer that the packagings are suitable for any dangerous goods. Potential users of a packaging offered for sale must obtain at least a copy of the certificate of approval and also relevant parts of the test report from the seller. These documents indicate the test contents and thus the type of material, in terms of physical properties, that the package has been approved to contain. The approval documents also contain important information regarding the correct use of the packaging and details of test levels achieved, not necessarily apparent from the approval mark.

Any queries, errors or omissions from these lists should be directed in the first instance to:

Liz Girling
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