GB Type Approval Scheme

This page was last updated on 15th December 2022

Approval Fees

Certification Fees

Subject / Approval TypeFee
Whole Vehicle Approval£75.00
System and Component Approval – Base£37.00
System and Component Approval – Extension£78.00
GB Conversion IVA£100.00
M1 Enhancement IVA£1.10
N1 Enhancement IVA£1.10
IVA (Inspected)£250.00
IVA (Not Inspected)£125.00
GB Provisional Approval – EU Base£37.00
GB Provisional Approval – EU Extension£78.00

Compliance Fees

Subject / Approval TypeFee
GB/UK(NI) WVTA - M£350.00
GB/UK(NI) WVTA - N£350.00
GB/UK(NI) WVTA - T£350.00
GB/UK(NI) WVTA - L£350.00
GB/UK(NI) WVTA - O£180.00
GB/UK(NI) WVTA – Multi-Stage (M,N)£350.00
GB/UK(NI)/UN System and Component – Level 3£200.00
GB/UK(NI)/UN System and Component – Level 1 or 2£115.00
Approval Index Revision£90.00
Tyre Components£28.00
Replacement Brake Parts£28.00

Administrative Fees

Subject / Approval TypeFee
Type Approval Letter£73.00
Test Report Only£73.00
GB Provisional Approval£73.00
Approval Correction (Chargeable)£90.00

Additional Charges

VCA reserve the right to charge additional fees in order to complete rework of applications where they exceed the normal processing time. Additional charges will be applied at £89 per hour.