Approval Fees

This page was last updated on 19th January 2024


The VCA Type Approval Authority will charge the following fees for undertaking approval activities. All Type Approval applications will be subject to a Certification Fee and a Compliance Review Fee where VCA issues an approval certificate. The Compliance Review Fee will cover a review of the application against Type Approval legislation, the suitability of the test results and reports, and the status of the Conformity of Production clearance.

Type Approval activities not requiring the issuance of a certificate are subject to the relevant certification and administrative fee.

These fees apply irrespective of which Technical Service was used to support the Type Approval application.

Please note these fees apply from 1st May 2023 for all new GB and UK(NI) applications and from 5th February 2024 for all new UN applications.

Certification Fees

Subject / Approval TypeFee
Whole Vehicle Approval£75.00
System and Component Approval – Base£37.00
System and Component Approval – Extension£78.00
Type Approval Letters£37.00
Test Report (where no approval)£37.00
GB Conversion IVA£100.00
M1 Enhancement IVA£1.10
N1 Enhancement IVA£1.10
IVA (Inspected)£250.00
IVA (Not Inspected)£125.00
GB Provisional Approval – EU Base£37.00
GB Provisional Approval – EU Extension£78.00

Compliance Review Fees

Subject / Approval TypeFee
GB / UK(NI) WVTA – M (Passenger Vehicles)(1)£350.00
GB / UK(NI) WVTA – N (Goods Vehicles)(1)£350.00
GB / UK(NI) WVTA – T (Agricultural Vehicles and Tractors)(1)£350.00
GB / UK(NI) WVTA – L (2- and 3- Wheeled Vehicles and Quadricycles)(1)£350.00
GB / UK(NI) WVTA – O (Trailers)(1)£180.00
GB / UK(NI) / UN System and Component – Level 3£200.00
GB / UK(NI) / UN System and Component – Level 2£115.00
GB / UK(NI) / UN System and Component – Level 1£28.00
Approval Index Revision£90.00
GB Provisional Approval£73.00
UN Technical Service Applications£181.00
(1)Where whole vehicle applications are made using Single step or Mixed type approval routes. VCA will charge a compliance fee for each system/component test report submitted and subsequently checked.

Administrative Fees

Subject / Approval TypeFee
Type Approval Letter£73.00
Test Report Only£73.00
Approval Correction (Chargeable)£90.00

Additional Charges

VCA reserve the right to charge additional fees in order to complete rework of applications where they exceed the normal processing time. Additional charges will be applied at £89 per hour.

Provisional approval numbers can be requested in advance of the issuing of the Type Approval Certificate where testing is complete, and Conformity of Production is in place. Where provisional approval numbers are required as part of the application process, for example for component approval markings, there will be no charge. Where provisional approval numbers are optional, charges will be applied at £89 per hour for the time taken to create the numbers.

System and Component Charging Levels

The compliance review fee varies depending on subject complexity. Level 3 subjects are categorised as emissions, sound levels, cyber security, and automated technologies. Level 1 subjects are categorised as Replacement Brake Parts and Tyre Components. Level 2 is all other subjects.

Ref: TAC-E-WE-03 Rev 4