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VCA's Point of Sale (POS) System

To enable a manufacturer's UK dealer network - or independent non-franchised dealer to provide accurate and up to date environmental data in a label and/or poster form, VCA have developed an on-line system using data from the New Car Fuel Consumption / CO2 Database.

To find out more about the requirements for labelling new cars, please follow this link to our fuel consumption labelling page.

The Point of Sale or “POS” system has a number of features, but is principally an easy to use, affordable solution for producing labels and posters, providing a full audit trail enabling manufacturers and/or VCA to track actions.

In 2013, The Passenger Car (Fuel consumption and CO2 Emissions Information) Regulations 2001 was further amended. The main implication of this amendment was to bring into scope cars that do not emit CO2, hydrocarbons or carbon monoxide.

From July of 2005, many manufacturers will have switched to the new style "Comparative" label that shows the applicable VED band for the car, the CO2 figure and estimated annual running costs for the vehicle.  The new label is intended to be familiar to consumers as it mirrors important aspects of the design and colour-coding of the energy efficiency labels that now appears on most 'white goods', such as refrigerators.

VCA's "POS" system is the ideal solution for producing environmental labels for cars.  For more information, please contact us on +44 (0)117 9524109, or by e-mailing us at