Guide to Control Plans

This page was last updated on 21st June 2022

Preparation of Plans

Preparation of plans, the structure and amount of detail included within the above framework, rests entirely with the manufacturers (and not the assembly plants), in relation to their own particular circumstances. For example:

  1. the format of the Control Plan is not defined and may be as the manufacturer chooses to present it.
  2. the content of the Control Plan is not defined except for Regulation specific clauses.
  3. the checks or tests may be carried out by or on behalf of the manufacturers and may include evidence of supplier’s controls. Some specific regulation may require that the manufacturer has immediate access to suitable test equipment.

By way of illustration, appendices 1, 2 & 3 show one format for a separate control plan with useful front sheet information and outlines of an arrangement to cover a system approval for various subjects (appendix 2) and a whole vehicle approval (appendix 3).  However, whole vehicle approvals always require control plans for each system approval or test report.

It is particularly stressed that these are only outline examples, provided to help with understanding. Other formats or content may be appropriate.  Any values shown do not represent acceptance levels or target requirements.