Technical Services

This page was last updated on 12th April 2023

Designation of Technical Services for GB type approval

VCA has not currently started the process for designation of external Technical Services for the purposes of GB type approval.

In the initial phase of the GB type approval scheme (until 31 December 2026 for M and N categories and 31 December 2027 for O category), VCA will be able to accept test reports from any Technical Service designated by an EU Approval Authority for the subject in question. VCA will use this time period to gather further data on market need for Technical Services for GB type approval regulations and determine a designation strategy as appropriate.

Industry will be informed once applications to become a designated Technical Service for GB type approval are being accepted. The expectation is that this will happen later in 2023 to enable sufficient time for the designation process to be completed while giving manufacturers sufficient notice of which Technical Services have been designated prior to the 31 December 2026 deadline mentioned above.

NOTE: UNECE Technical Service status does not automatically confer GB Technical Service status as these are legally distinct type approval frameworks.