Technical Services

This page was last updated on 12th April 2024

Designation of Technical Services for GB type approval

VCA are now accepting expressions of interest from prospective Technical Services for the following GB type approval Regulations:

  • Whole Vehicle Type Approval (not including NSSTA or IVA) (2018/858)
  • Space for Mounting & Fixing Rear Registration Plates (1003/2010)
  • Towing Devices (1005/2010)
  • Windscreen Wiper and Washer Systems (1008/2010)
  • Wheel Guards (1009/2010)
  • Spray Suppression Systems (109/2011)
  • Masses and Dimensions (1230/2012)
  • Vehicle access and Manoeuvrability (130/2012)
  • Manufacturers Statutory Plate and VIN (19/2011)
  • eCall Systems (2015/758)
  • CO2 Emissions of Heavy-Duty Vehicles (2017/2400)
  • Advanced Emergency Braking Systems (347/2012)
  • Lane Departure Warning Systems (351/2012)
  • Installation of Tyres (458/2011)
  • Sound Level (540/2014)
  • Emissions (EURO VI) Heavy Duty Vehicles (595/2009)
  • Gear Shift Indicators (65/2012)
  • General Safety (661/2009)
  • Windscreen Defrosting and Demisting Systems (672/2010)
  • Emissions (Euro 6) Light Duty Vehicles (715/2007)
  • Pedestrian Protection (78/2009)
  • Hydrogen Systems (79/2009)

These expressions of interest will be used to determine potential applicant numbers and finalise a formal designation strategy and process as appropriate.

Technical services can register their interest by completing this form.

If you have any questions regarding designation for GB type approval regulations, you can contact us at

NOTE: In the initial phase of the GB type approval scheme (until 31 December 2026 for M and N categories and 31 December 2027 for O category), VCA will be able to accept test reports from any Technical Service designated by an EU Approval Authority for the subject in question. This derogation is unaffected by the expressions of interest and designation processes described above.

NOTE: UNECE Technical Service status does not automatically confer GB Technical Service status as these are legally distinct type approval frameworks.