Technical Services

This page was last updated on 8th December 2023

Designation Fees payable

Designation fees are charged at VCA’s standard hourly rate, currently £89 per hour, with some services charged at fixed multiples thereof based upon typical time taken to complete the task.

VCA’s hourly rate is set according to the Motor Vehicles (Type Approval and Approval Marks) (Fees) Regulations 1999 (as amended) and is subject to change with future regulatory amendments.

In accordance with the regulations mentioned above, VCA will recover costs for travel time and expenses incurred for activity taking place outside of the UK.

Service Fee
Review of application documents £356 (based on 4 hours)
Technical audits

(Initial or Surveillance)

£712 per site visited (based on 8 hours)

Each additional day will be charged at £89 per hour (minimum of 8 hours)

£89 per hour for planning and reporting (minimum of 4 hours)

Witnessing of tests prior to designation £89 per hour for time taken on site and additional technical reporting
Confirming of designation £267 (based on 3 hours)
Annual management fee £2136 (based on 24 hours)

* Please note that VAT does not apply for any of the above charges