Import a Van or other Light Goods Vehicle

This page was last updated on 9th March 2020

This page relates to the importation of small vans or light goods vehicles (N1 class vehicles)  

If you are familiar with the process, please follow this link to complete the necessary application form

Please note that you will also need to complete our payment form before your application can be processed

Important notice: VCA is not able to offer an “over-the-counter” service. For security reasons, unannounced visitors will not be admitted into the building.

Further information

Countries within the European Union

Check to see if the country the vehicle originates from, is a member of the European Union:

The Mutual Recognition process

The Mutual Recognition process (which is also sometimes known as the Commission Notice Procedure) requires the person seeking to register the vehicle to make a number of declarations about the suitability of the vehicle for use on UK roads, and provide evidence of any alterations made to the vehicle.  Alterations may be necessary to ensure compliance with the UK Construction and Use legislation, and the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations.

Once all of all necessary paperwork and the appropriate administration fee has been received*, VCA will issue a certificate that can then be presented to the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority in support of the request for UK registration.

A list of the requirements, procedures involved and necessary forms can be found on the website – section entitled: A guide to the Mutual Recognition scheme

If you would like to check that your vehicle qualifies for treatment under the Mutual Recognition scheme, please contact a member of our team on here.

*Note that for Vans and Light Goods Vehicles, partial – incomplete (stage 1 only) CoCs cannot be accepted.