Individual Vehicle Approval without Inspection

This page was last updated on 17th January 2024

Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) is the process of approving each individual vehicle against national technical requirements. The standard approach to this is to inspect each vehicle and more information on this route to approval can be found here.

In exceptional circumstances, the Department for Transport may authorise the VCA to issue IVA certificates without inspection. This applies only in specific cases and is not available all the time.

Therefore, we can confirm that we will now be accepting IVA applications for new, unregistered vehicles meeting the criteria outlined below and we would like to take this opportunity to advise vehicle manufacturers on the application process:

Active Allowances for IVA without Inspection

Reference Date Approved Details of Allowance End Date for Applications
DfT_2022_01 14 February 2022 Non-compliance with Real Driving Emission (RDE) Step-2 requirements and On-Board Fuel Consumption Monitoring (OBFCM) requirements for vehicle categories N1 class II, N1 class III and N2 approved to light duty emission requirements.

Non-compliance with Euro VI Step E requirements for vehicles approved to heavy duty emission requirements.

Note: Euro VI Step E requirements are applicable for Northern Ireland only.

Vehicles must have been manufactured before 1 January 2022.

31 December 2022
20210812 Semiconductor 12 August 2021 The vehicle must be compliant with the relevant type approval requirements that apply up until 1 September 2021 – i.e, the entry into force of the new requirements of UNECE Regulations, 16.07, 58.03 and 79.03.

The vehicle must have been in manufacture, and scheduled for completion, before 1 June 2021.

The reason for the manufacture of the vehicle being incomplete before 1 June 2021 was the supply difficulties in respect of semiconductors and microprocessors.

The manufacture of the vehicle must have been completed before 31 August 2021.

The use of the IVA procedure shall, in this case, align with the timeframe for the use of the derogations that were granted, i.e. 12-months from the entry into force of the new requirements.

1 September 2022
20210328 Covid-19 End of Series 28 March 2021 Non-inspect IVAs have been permitted for vehicles manufactured prior to 1st April 2021 which are subject to agreed end-of-series derogations relating to UN Regulation 79.02, EU Regulation 540/2014, UN regulation 79.03, UN Regulation 16.07 or UN regulation 58.03. 1 April 2022

Closed Allowances for IVA without Inspection (for historical reference only)

20201113 Covid-19 RDE-2 13 November 2020 Manufacturers unable to make use of the derogations for both Real Driving Emissions (RDE) Step-2 and Onboard Fuel Consumption Monitoring (OBFCM) requirements due to the “three-month rule” and delays in production resulting from COVID-19 restrictions.

Vehicles produced between 1st October 2020 and 16th November 2020.

For special purpose vehicles subject to a multistage approval process, the option of a non-inspect IVA will also be available provided that the base vehicle was produced before 16th November 2020.

1 October 2021 – Applications Now Closed
20200803 Covid-19 EoS 03 August 2020 The Secretary of State has agreed to authorise the issuing of non-inspect Individual Vehicle Approvals (IVAs) for those vehicles whose derogations have expired or are due to expire soon. It has also been authorised for those vehicles already built but are unable to make use of already granted derogations due to the 3-month rule.

The regulations covered included UNECE Regulations 107.07, 118.02 and EU Regulations 347/2012, 2017/2400, 78/2009, 2017/1151.

1 September 2021 – Applications Now Closed

How to Apply

Who should apply?

To make the process as efficient as possible, manufacturers should apply for each IVA directly to us at VCA and no applications are to be submitted by your dealership network. This will help us prioritise your applications, ensure the accuracy of the build dates, and the type approval status of each vehicle. It will also avoid the risk of multiple applications for a single vehicle resulting from dealer transfers etc.

When should I apply for an IVA?

You can go ahead and submit your application to us right away.  Due to anticipated volume of affected vehicles, and to minimise delays, we are asking manufacturers to prioritise their applications.

  • Firstly, for those vehicles for which a sale has already been confirmed by the dealer with the manufacturer.
  • Secondly, for those vehicles that have been released to the dealer for stock, and
  • Thirdly, remaining vehicles following the principles above.

Please note, IVA applications for in-scope vehicles received after the end date shown above will require the vehicle to be inspected.

How do I apply?

Please email the Job Request Form to us using the mailbox.  Please include the reference relating to the IVA without inspection allowance in the Subject field to clearly identify which non-inspection allowance you are applying for, as shown below.  Please also indicate in the email main body the range of build dates covered by the request so we can make sure they are in scope from the outset.

Job Number Request Form Example

You will then be sent an email with Job numbers allocated to the application form and a ShareFile link to supply the relevant information back to us. We will request that an Excel datasheet is populated with vehicle details and evidence of compliance is provided. This could be a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) dated within the applicable window stated above. Please ensure that the relevant regulations you are applying for are listed in column B of the excel datasheet. One IVA certificate will be issued per vehicle and will be sent to you via ShareFile.

How long will the process take?

We expect the processing time to be 10 working days from the point of Technical Clearance to Issue. Technical Clearance is the point where the documents supplied have been reviewed and confirmed as meeting the requirements. We have capacity to Technically Clear a defined number of applications each week which is why we are asking for sold vehicles to be prioritised in the application process.

How much does it cost?

£125 per IVA certificate.

What else do I need to be aware of?

These are a few things to remember which could help speed up the process:

  • Please ensure that the datasheet is completed accurately, as any queries over discrepancies will introduce delays into the process.
  • Once you receive the job number confirmation and ShareFile link, please upload all documentation as soon as possible through this platform.
  • When we receive and download the documentation, you will receive an automated email confirming.
  • ShareFile notification emails may be received by your junk folder. Please check your ShareFile link before contacting us about progress in case they have already been issued.
  • Once you receive the job numbers, please include these in the subject line of any emails you send us relating to those applications. This will allow us to respond to you more quickly.

Please ensure you have an account with us at VCA. If not, you will require one before we can open job numbers for you and begin.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us using the contact us form on our website, or email us at  Please include ‘IVA Enquiry’ in the subject line to ensure your email is directed to the correct person.

If the enquiry is relating to your VCA account, creating an account or invoicing, please email or by using the contact us form on our website.