Eco Innovation Application Summary Stellantis

This page was last updated on 28th April 2022

Summary Information

Title of the Innovative Technology: Smart Diesel Fuel Heater

Contact details:

Stellantis N.V.

The Corporate Seat of Stellantis N.V. is situated in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and its Corporate Office is in Lijnden (The Netherlands), Singaporestraat 92, 1175 RA.


The diesel fuel heater activates itself based on the dynamic paraffin load situation of the filter cartridge. On average this drives significant heater activation time reduction compared to the baseline technology and CO2 savings higher than 0.5 g CO2 / km according WLTP conditions.


Potential market penetration assessed lower than 3% on the reference year n-3 (2019).


The technology is required for safe vehicle operation.

Testing Methodology:

The proposed test methodology is a combination of modelling approach and physical test to calculate the CO2 savings for improved electrical components.