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Alternative download option

This facility is for users who would like to download the car fuel and CO2 database in Microsoft Access (mdb format). If you want to use the search tools, or download the data in CSV format, please go to:

Please follow the links below to download the relevant dataset - note that all files are zipped up to reduce download times.

Download the latest data set (file is updated daily and is not expected to exceed 7MB). The data is only available in Microsoft Access (Office 365 format).

Click on the link to download data for:

File sizes indicate the compressed file size.

Please note that while there is no charge for the use of this data, by choosing to downloading from this site you agree to terms and conditions of use set out on the Crown copyright page.

Please note that whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information contained in these snapshots are accurate, the Vehicle Certification Agency cannot accept liability for its accuracy. Users of this data who rely entirely on the information do so at their own risk.