FOI Disclosure Log 2021

This page was last updated on 17th August 2021
Ref. No. Request Outcome Summary Response Date
EMW515037 Fully Met Details for information relating to VCA fleet’s tyre consumption in the UK 28/01/2021
EMW516780 Fully Met Details about management of physical records 28/01/2021
EMW513632 Partial Refusal Deatails for information about the organisations Contract’s Register 29/01/2021
EMW516779 Partial Refusal Details around the organisations Local Area Network (LAN) contract 05/02/2021
EMW524076 Fully Met Details around the Lease Contract for VCA HQ 23/02/2021
EMW526521 Fully met Details around Job Retention Scheme 2020 05/03/2021
EMW528027 Fully met Details about Type approval and installation of a mandatory update for Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI, 103 KW, year of construction 2011 24/03/2021
EMW528029 Fully Met A copy of Test Report Number: ESQ323483 12/04/2021
EMW530126 Fully Met Details around HR & Finance Technologies 13/04/2021
EMW530622 Partial Refusal Details around internal plans and strategy documents in respect of ICT 16/04/2021
EMW530633 Partial Refusal Details around the organisations Firewall, antivirus and Enterprise Agreements 23/04/2021
EMW530984 Partial Refusal Copies of previous FOI responses EMP474543 & EMW496228. Information around current staff working arrangements and data on commission notice / mutual recognition  applications 01/03/20 – 31/03/21 23/04/2021