FOI Disclosure Log 2019

This page was last updated on 28th April 2023
Ref. No. Request Outcome Summary Response Date
EMP449427 Fully Met Details of current orders concerning the use of rear flashing, red beacons fitted to vehicles, made by the Secretary of State (Section 44, Road Traffic Act 1988) 25/01/2019
EMP449801 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s mobile phone contract. 04/02/2019
EMP449857 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s Contracts for software categories: ERP, CRM, HR, Payroll and Finance. 04/02/2019
EMP452466 Partial Refusal Copy of application and subsequent approval certificate  (BLADM 041) for a bus lane camera in the Borough of South Tyneside. 26/02/2019
EMP454241 Fully Met Details of the addressee to whom the certificate BLAD 041 was sent (Follow up to: EMP452466) 04/03/2019
EMP456196 Partial Refusal Details about WVTA / NSSTA applied for and / or held by  Maxi-Low 1st May 2015 – 31st December 2018. 16/04/2019
EMP456510 Fully Met Copies of documents relating to the approval of EA 189 diesel engines. 18/04/2019
EMP457006 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s mobile phone contracts. 29/04/2019
EMP463493 Partial Refusal Details of IT and I&MT structure charts, including all levels of management and details of current and future IT projects. 02/07/2019
EMP467601 Fully Met Details of lost IT equipment within the last three years. 09/08/2019
EMP466377 Fully Met Details of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants issued with  Vehicle Special Orders April 2017 – April 2018. 12/08/2019
EMP466006 Fully Met Information about testing methods and approval of a Ford Transit vehicle. 14/08/2019
EMP470901 Fully Met Details of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants issued with Vehicle Special Orders between 1st May 2018 – 30th April 2019. 04/09/2019
EMP472835 Fully Met Copy of VCA’s email policy. 25/09/2019
EMP468609 Partial Refusal Information regarding the Range Rover velar. 27/09/2019
EMP472840  Fully Met Details of Vehicle Special Orders (VSO’s) between 1st April 2017 and 30th April 2019. 07/10/2019
EMP474543 Partial Refusal Details of communications with manufacturers since meeting in 2018 in relation to their obligation to issue a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) at the point of sale. 01/11/2019
EMP475551 Fully Met A list of company’s who hold VSO’s for moving ballast? 06/11/2019
EMP475133 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s collective agreement covering pay and conditions. 07/11/2019
EMP475547 Partial Refusal Information about a motorcycle bracket. 11/11/2019
EMP476444 Partial Refusal Details of VCA communications with other EU Type Approval authorities regarding:

1. UK recalls: R/2017/124, R/2018/280, R/2018/281, R/2018/282, R/2018/283,R/2018/311, R/2019/077, R/2019/256, R/2019/270, R/2019/271, R/2019/272, R/2019/304, R/2019/307
2. Mercedes-Benz vehicles with the following engines codes:  OM 626, OM 642, OM 651
3. Relating to, or mentioning, the installation of ‘defeat devices’ in any Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

EMP479701 Fully Met Information regarding the use of ‘personally owned devices’ for work purposes. 28/11/2019
EMP479148 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s Intranet Contract. 03/12/2019
EMP477144 Partial Refusal Copies of Type Approval documentation for Morgan Motor Cars in the calendar years 2015/2016/ and 2017. 09/12/2019
EMP480067  Fully Met Details of VCA’s telephony system contract. 12/12/2019
EMP479739 Partial Refusal Copy of Type Approval documentation (ref: e11*2002/24*1241*01) 23/12/2019