FOI Disclosure Log 2018

This page was last updated on 28th April 2023
Ref. No. Request Outcome Summary Response Date
EMP413250 Partial Refusal Copies of FOI responses: EMP365907, EMP375625, EMP389592, EMP396281, EMP398461, EMP384890 and copies of any FOI requests regarding Skoda vehicles that resulted in a complete refusal to release information. 15/01/2018
EMP411324 Fully Met Details of VCA’s investigation of the effects of the EA189 voluntary service action. 23/01/2018
EMP416841 Fully Met Copies of documentation regarding the approval of EA189 NOx Emissions update for Skoda vehicles. 31/01/2018
EMP420192 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s telephony maintenance contracts. 14/02/2018
EMP419510 Fully Met Details of our Energy supply contracts. 15/02/2018
EMP421044 Fully Met Further information regarding the approval of the EA189 NOx emissions update for Skoda vehicles and clarity on points within a previous response EMP416841. 16/03/2018
EMP422046 Fully Met Details of approval results / type test protocols after updates were made by VW to address Diesel issues with EA189 motors. 20/03/2018
EMP422041 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s contract information for various corporate software/applications. 23/03/2018
EMP422096 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s hardware support contracts. 28/03/2018
EMP424260 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s printing contract and associated expenditure. 12/04/2018
EMP426504 Fully Met Details of Staff numbers and associated salary. 17/04/2018
EMP425621 Fully Met Details of NOx and CO2 at different speeds before and after the emissions fix for the Skoda Yeti SUV. 19/04/2018
EMP426779 Fully Met Details of the testing, results and findings for the VW Audi Group – 1.6 Greenline engine – EA189 – in reference to the 23R6 EA289 NOx emissions. 26/04/2018
EMP426730 Advice and assistance provided.  Closed as no response to request for further information Copies of Technical Records held by VCA for Plaxton double deck coaches procured via the ECWVTA scheme for the following vehicles:-
GB63 OXF  YV3T2S821EA164448  26.11.2013
GO63 OXF  YV3T2S821EA164451  29.11.2013
TO63 OXF  YV3T2S823EA164483  29.11.2013
XS63 OXF   YV3T2S82XEA164500  29.11.2013
EMP427759 Fully Met Copies of the Type Approval Certificate and technical measurement results for my vehicle. 11/05/2018
EMP429320 Fully Met Follow up questions regarding Type Approval number’s following previous response EMP426730. 01/06/2018
EMP429762 Partial Refusal Details regarding CO2 status and all information held by  VCA on the Porsche Cayenne regarding it not meeting the CO2 emissions test. 12/06/2018
EMP431791 Fully Met Copy of a letter to European Approval Authorities that  outlines the evaluation of technical measures and conclusions for the 1.6l (77kW) engine. 15/06/2018
EMP433529 Fully Met Details of VCA’s telephone maintenance contract. 26/06/2018
EMP438761 Partial Refusal Details of makes and models of vehicles type approved by VCA and access to RDE test data. 01/10/2018
EMP439253 Partial Refusal Copy of a Vehicle Special Order for a Carnival Float 05/10/2018
EMP442263 Partial Refusal Details of VCA’s Cyber Security contract. 07/11/2018
EMP447068 Fully Met Details of VCA’s mobile phone contract. 18/12/2018