North America Regulatory Support Services

This page was last updated on 28th January 2020

VCA North America offers a revolutionary ‘all-in-one’ service to manufacturers in the automotive industry with ambitions of selling their products in the global marketplace.

You’ll be aware that doing well in home markets is seldom enough to guarantee a sustained level of business, and the really successful companies realize the importance of exploiting new and emerging global markets. You’ll also know however, that one of the biggest drawbacks in getting your product into an unfamiliar market is providing the resources required to both understand, and ensure compliance with the various testing and certification requirements of the new market.

Thirty years of experience coupled with a truly global network means that we are uniquely placed to provide this all-encompassing service to industry. At a time when headcounts and other resources are under increasing pressure, outsourcing isn’t necessarily the answer to all of your problems, but in this case it absolutely could be.

What is the Regulatory Support Service?

VCA North America offers clients a full range of products under this scheme; from supplying consolidated copies of standards for target markets to the web based management of the complete regulatory compliance and certification programs for a customer’s products.

The concept allows clients to choose the level of service that best suits their needs and resources. It is based on the premise that all manufacturers are obliged to perform the same routine regulatory searches and analysis – and that this task is best outsourced to a specialist. This frees up manufacturers’ intellectual resources to work on the more value adding activities that differentiate their products from the competition. Examples of the services offered include:

  • Analyzing a given vehicle/market and providing a master list of all potential regulatory and certification requirements.
  • Providing consolidated copies of the full regulations with model specific summaries of requirements applicable at the time of product launch.
  • Creating compliance test plans, witnessing the testing process, validating test reports against the regulatory requirements and issuing approval certificates for type approval markets.
  • Monitoring compliance activities and tracking the status of all testing, compliance and certification documentation as well as providing alerts and other pro-active messaging.

VCA, utilizing its extensive global network of offices, will manage international vehicle regulatory and certification subject requirements under one convenient web-based process, which can be expanded to include specific local market import, safety and environmental requirements’ and even the individual US state regulations. Services will be offered to clients on a monthly subscription basis. Each subscription will include active management, performed by VCA, and client access to all process and certification documentation via the DocPipes’ Compliance software suite.