SVA Scheme for Malta

This page was last updated on 3rd February 2020

VCA has worked alongside the Maltese government to develop a scheme whereby second-hand cars due for export from Japan to Malta are inspected at source prior to shipping, so ensuring that the quality of used vehicles entering Malta is properly controlled. This scheme is known as the “Single Vehicle Approval”, or SVA scheme. (Not to be confused with the UK SVA or any other national SVA scheme). Please note that this scheme does not apply to commercial vehicles.

How the scheme works

The scheme works on what might loosely be called a “type approval” basis. A representative vehicle is subject to a number of checks and inspections. If the performance and specification of that representative vehicle satisfies the requirements of the Malta Transport Authority (ADT), then a Model Report is created. If subsequent vehicles of the same make and model are to the same specification as that original vehicle, then it is assumed that they also will meet all necessary standards, as defined by the ADT. To check compliance of subsequent vehicles, their specification is compared with the original vehicle by way of cross-referencing the key components and systems on the vehicle being inspected with the details in the model report. If inspected vehicles are found to conform to the specification of the original vehicle, then a “Certificate of Conformity with Model Report” is issued. All second hand vehicles exported from Japan to Malta must have such a certificate before they can be imported into Malta.

Petrol Engine Vehicles

With effect from 1st June 2006 the Malta ADT declared that the emission standard for all vehicles must be as follows:

  • Three way catalytic converter
  • Carbon filter in the fuel tank breather
  • CO content <= 0.3% at idle
  • Lambda between 1.03 and 0.97

Goods Vehicles

From 1st of February 2006,  SVA certificates for goods vehicles MUST ONLY be issued in respect of vehicles which are “originally designed and constructed for the carriage of goods”

Certificates MUST NOT be issued for vehicles converted from passenger vehicles to goods vehicles (including 4 x 4 vehicles).

Who is running the scheme

The ADT have contracted VCA to run the scheme and VCA is conducting vehicle inspections and issuing certificates of conformity from their office in Nagoya, Japan.