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VCA is the UK Vehicle Type Approval authority and with approaching 40 years of experience supports the global automotive industry by providing internationally recognised testing and certification for vehicles, their systems and components.

VCA has a global office network and has had a dedicated office in India for many years, providing support to a wide range of customers ranging from multi-nationals to the smallest supply chain companies.  All customers benefit from dealing with an organisation that was founded on the cornerstones of integrity, professionalism, quality and the very best customer service.  As a combined approval authority and technical service, VCA can witness tests and issue the appropriate certificate; this can result in efficiencies both in terms of time and money.

Contact details:

VCA India
2nd Floor, COWRKS
Tower A, Paras Twin Tower
Dlf Golf Course Road, Sector-54

Tel: +91 (0)124 4369189
Email (General Enquiries):

Indeep S Madan (Managing Director - India)

Tel: +91 9811080201

Sumit Munjal (Business Development Head – India)
Tel: +91 9910036180

Vasant Chaudhari (Technical Head – India)
Tel: +91 9422526310

Aekansh Saxena (Type Approval Engineer and CoP Auditor – India)
Tel: +91 9595666550

Samuel Jebakumar R (Type Approval Engineer – South India)
Tel: +91 9841313418

Type approval services include:

  • European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) certification (category M, N, L, O & T)
  • System and component certification (EC and ECE)
  • Conformity of Production (COP) checks
  • Laboratory/Test facility appraisal
  • An online, searchable library of automotive legislation, with VCA interpretations (VISTA)
  • Secure online exchange of approval documentation (VCA's own FTP system)
  • Support for AIS/CMVR (Indian Homologation) for both vehicle and component suppliers
  • Training

To find out more, contact the office using the contact details above.