Further information about our new digital self-serve portal for all type approval schemes

We are working to make it quicker and easier for you to manage your Type Approval applications online and are delighted to share that our new digital self-serve portal for all schemes will be launching in early 2024.

The following key changes will come into place:  

  • The ability to request ‘provisional’ approval numbers for future jobs using the portal. 
  • The processing of all type approval enquiries and applications through the portal for all schemes. This will replace the current pdf form which is emailed to start a job. 
  • The ability to securely share documentation through the portal or via SharePoint links. 
  • The ability to manage portal access with account logins managed by a primary account contact. 
  • The ability to request assistance and support for all type approval enquiries, via the portal. 

The ability to progress AES/BES applications via the portal will be introduced in Spring 2024.

To provide you with a demonstration of the new portal as well as an opportunity to ask any questions webinars will be taking place in December 2023 and January 2024. All webinars are planned for 1 hour 30 minutes and you can register now by clicking on the links below:  

Join our Webinars

Monday 11th December, 1.00pm GMT 

Monday 11th December, 4.00pm GMT 

Tuesday 12th December, 7.30am GMT 

Monday 15th January, 1.00pm GMT 

Monday 15th January, 4.00pm GMT 

Tuesday 16th January, 7.30am GMT