National Type Approval in the UK

This page was last updated on 13th October 2021

Retained e11 Approval Status

I hold an e11 approval with VCA – what is happening to that?

EU WVTA for all categories or EU Small Series or UK NSSTA which were issued before 1 January 2021 by VCA with an approval number beginning with;

  • e11*…
  • e11*KS07/46*…
  • e11*KS18/858*…
  • e11*NKS*…
  • e11*NKS18/858*…

are deemed as UK(NI) approvals and are valid throughout the UK (both Great Britain and Northern Ireland) but not in any of the EU member States.

The e11 part of the type approval number is kept initially, and the type approval must remain aligned with any changes in EU type approval legislation (as required by the Northern Ireland Protocol).  The approval holder will need to determine if the retained e11 is to be considered an UK(NI) or GB Type Approval moving forwards and this is detailed further below.

Small Series (former EU small series) approvals:

for M1 and N1 vehicles with approval numbers beginning with;

  • e11*KS07/46*…
  • e11* KS18/858*…

the numerical limits remain as 1500 per calendar year for these approvals, these vehicles can be registered in GB or NI.

The numerical limits for e11 UK(NI) NSSTA approvals are those outlined below.

What are my options with my retained e11 approval?

If you wish to keep it as an UK(NI) approval, then there isn’t anything further for you to do.  At the next extension we will update the approval to indicate it is following the UK(NI) requirements.  This may result in issuing a revised approval number in the format n11* to indicate it as such, as detailed below.  As a transitional measure, it will be acceptable to use the previous e11 approval number on any statutory markings until 1st January 2023, as long as the e11 marking represents an UK(NI) approval.

If you wish to reclassify it as a GB approval, then you should get in touch with your usual contact here at VCA and request this to be done. This request will be an internal VCA amendment only.  At the next extension the approval will be revised to indicate it is following the GB requirements and this will require a new g11 approval number to be issued.  This will be a new approval number based on the next sequential number available.

If you wish to hold both GB and UK(NI) approvals, then the e11 can be retained as a UK(NI) approval and an additional GB approval can be created with a g11 approval number.  These numbers will be different.  The creation of the additional GB approval will be considered an existing Type with respect to Whole Vehicle Type Approval requirements and not subject to any new type requirements.  For example, if you hold an e11*NKS*???? approval number then this will allow the creation of a g11*NKS*???? GB approval with the same content, as opposed to creating a number in the form g11*NKS18/858*?????.  A new information document will be required and contain the GB legislation as the application scope.

A retained e11 approval which was previously EU Small Series (KS Approval Characters) will be considered as UK(NI) “EU Small series” . If wished, this can be converted into the GB equivalent, which is to be known as GB Medium Series approval with the same 1500 limit, under the same logic as above, in other words it is not deemed a new type but a continuation of the existing approval.

Dependant on whether you are classifying the approval as UK(NI) or GB there are different requirements for the manufacturer’s representative, please refer to the relevant section of this page for further details.

When do I need to decide?

If you want your e11 to be considered a GB approval you should contact us as soon as possible.  You will also need to ensure you have the correct representative for the approval type, otherwise no action is needed until the next planned extension.

Frequently Asked Questions

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