National Type Approval in the UK

This page was last updated on 13th October 2021

GB Scheme

In GB there are three main schemes;

  • Provisional GB Type Approval
  • GB WVTA (based on retained regulations)
    • GB Small series Type Approval (for categories M1 and N1 only)
  • GB National Small Series Type Approval (for categories M, N & O)

Additionally, e11 approvals which existed prior to 1 January 2021 will continue to be valid in GB, but will be deemed as UK(NI) approvals.

It should be noted that GB approvals are not acceptable in Northern Ireland, whereas UK(NI) approvals are currently accepted in GB.

GB WVTA (based on retained regulations)

Manufacturers can apply for GB Whole Vehicle Type Approvals (GB WVTA) based on the retained regulations for;

Vehicle Category
Motorcycles Category L
Passenger Vehicles Category M
Goods Vehicles Category N
Trailers Category O
Tractors Category T

GB Type Approvals issued by VCA and will have approval numbers beginning with g11*…

However, these vehicles will only be able to be placed on the market in GB.

Motor Vehicles and Trailers Over 4m in Height

GB WVTA will be available for vehicles over 4m in height, there will be no limits on numbers produced as the height limit has been removed from the retained EU legislation. These can be obtained on the basis of a former e11, now UK(NI), WVTA or derived from an EU approval.

GB Approval from existing e11 approval

Holders of e11 approvals issued before January 2021 (now deemed UK(NI) approvals) may choose to obtain, in addition, a GB type approval based on the existing UK(NI) approval.  This will be a new approval, but it will not be classed as a new type. It will allow manufacturers to sell more vehicles in the UK. The GB limits are temporarily higher during 2021 to assist following the transition period while manufacturers decide their future strategies.

  • Vehicles with UK(NI) approval can be distributed in the whole of the UK according to the limits in Regulation (EU) 2018/858
  • Vehicles with GB approval can be distributed in GB only, according to the limits in The Road Vehicles (Approval) Regulations 2020 (Statutory Instrument 2020 No. 818 (as amended))

Limits for vehicles produced per type each year:


  1. All vehicles regardless of height:
Category Limit for calendar year 2021 Limit for calendar year 2022 Limit for calendar year 2023
M1 1000 250 250
N1 1000 250 250
O1, O2 1000 500 500


  1. Vehicles exceeding 4m high (type solely consists of vehicle exceeding 4m high) which were originally approved as e11 NKS under 2007/46/EC (continuation of the same type) and migrated across to the GB scheme on or after 1 Jan 2021: g11*NKS* only.
Category Limit for calendar year 2021 Limit for calendar year 2022 Limit for calendar year 2023
M2,M3 1000 1000 1000
N2, N3 1200 1200 1200
O3, O4 2000 2000 2000


  1. Any other vehicle: below 4m high or a mixture of above/below 4m, or type issued under 2018/858:
Category Limit for calendar year 2021 Limit for calendar year 2022 Limit for calendar year 2023
M2, M3, N2, N3, O3, O4 500 250 250

As with ECWVTA the manufacturer will be responsible for the issue of Certificates of Conformity – but within the limited numbers set out in the relevant legislation.

Manufacturer’s Representative

To hold an approval to GB Type Approval the approval holder will need to be based in Great Britain.  If they are not, then a representative must be appointed who is.  If you based in Northern Ireland, then obtaining an UK(NI) approval would be the most appropriate route.

A representative could be the approval holder or an additional third-party representative if the approval holder is not based in the required country.  The obligations on the representative where they are a third-party are set out in Article 15 of EU regulation 2018/858 as retained in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

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