National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA)

This page was last updated on 13th February 2020

This scheme is offered under the provisions of framework directive 2007/46/EC as implemented in UK national law under Statutory Instrument 2009 no.717 (as amended).

If you manufacture modest numbers of vehicles then this route to approval may be right for you. The key advantages of this scheme are that some technical requirements may be reduced, which will have an impact on the costs associated with the approval process and the CoP requirements will be appropriate and proportionate to the scale of the operation. There is a limit to the number of vehicles which can be manufactured in any one year and there is a limited requirement for other Member States to accept National approvals which is likely to be further impacted by Brexit.

Limits for vehicles produced per type each year [1]

a. For any type of vehicle other than one specified in the table in sub-section (b) below the number shown is the maximum permitted number.

Table A
Categories M1 M2 N1 N2 O1 O3
M3 N3 O2 O4
Units 100 250 250 250 500 250

b. For a type of vehicle specified where the height exceeds 4 meters, the number shown is the maximum permitted number.

Table B
Categories: M2 N2 O3
M3 N3 O4
Units: 1000 1200 2000

[1] as updated by 2018 No. 673 – Road Traffic Environmental Protection (The Road Vehicles (Defeat Devices, Fuel Economy and Type Approval) (Amendment) Regulations 2018)

As with ECWVTA the manufacturer will be responsible for the issue of Certificates of Conformity within the limited numbers set out in the relevant legislation.