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About VCA North America

VCA North America has now been firmly established in the US for more than 15 years with offices in Northville, Michigan and Ashland, Ohio. VCA North America has helped many manufacturers to understand the requirements of  Type Approval, helping them to fulfill their ambitions in the European marketplace and beyond.

VCA NA was established in 1991 – more than 20 years. We have an office in Atlanta Georgia too.

Type Approval

We pride ourselves in providing expert international test and certification services for vehicles and vehicle parts. Our approval certificates are recognised throughout the European Community and the wider group of European countries belonging to the European Economic Area and the Geneva-based United Nations organisation (ECE).

When choosing a type approval service, speed, cost, accuracy and integrity are the key factors our customers look for. Because we are able to witness tests and also issue the final certificates in-house, our turnaround time is far shorter than that of test agencies who rely on external approval authorities. We are also proud of our advanced computing and communications infrastructure that ensures final approvals are issued in the minimum possible time.

When it comes to pricing for our services, we are very competitive, and are confident that our ability to approve and certify your products in-house, results in reduced costs for our customers. Finally, our team of experienced and professional type approval engineers will ensure your certification is accurate and adheres to the most current legislation.


Experience is critical when preparing your company and its products for distribution throughout the world. Our large and supportive engineering team has the international and local experience to assist you in preparing and implementing your company's goals to achieve your certification objectives.


VCA North America has a proven track record of success in servicing major automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Whether you're a large company or small company, VCA North America will help you to achieve your certification needs.

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