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VCA Graduate Training Scheme

Our graduates


Jon Hawkes, 2014

The life at VCA after the graduate scheme has given me many opportunities, being able to travel the world and experience different cultures of work and life. Most recently I have taken up a position in Japan, a country I have always aspired to visiting. Never did I expect to be living here, but here I am! I would not have considered working in different country had it not been for VCA.

Stewart Jumbe, 2015

I enjoyed the two months I spent at VCA’s North America Office in Detroit. The key things that were interesting to experience were the different kinds of tests that are performed out there, for instance I saw some seatbelt and headlamp testing which I hadn’t seen in the UK before. It was also good to experience American culture, like having to drive almost everywhere as they don’t really do corner shops.

Will Hughes, 2016

Working at International Vehicle Standards (IVS) was an incredibly insightful experience. It allowed me to understand how vehicle type-approval legislation is derived, as well as grasp the sorts of challenges steering UK policy on vehicle construction and use. Being placed in the Crash Avoidance branch, I was largely involved in matters regarding the safety aspects of vehicle automation. It was an amazing opportunity to be at the forefront of negotiations that will lead to how these highly-advanced vehicles will be regulated in years to come.

Mike Levet, 2017

During the TRL placement I helped setup rail impact tests, motorcycle helmet tests and loads of others! Alongside the practical work, TRL gave me design projects that I developed from initial ideas into final concepts and 3D printed so that I could test their performance!

Christopher Strickland, 2017

Within the first six months of working under the graduate scheme within the VCA, I have experienced fantastic opportunities from visiting major car and heavy duty manufacturers. Doing safety and inspection test work from crash testing electric vehicles to Speedometer testing on a private test track to list a few. All these experiences have helped me develop as an engineer and help me towards becoming a chartered engineer.

Charlotte Alford, 2018

Since joining the VCA I have done training in a wide variety of subjects relating both to emissions and safety. Over the coming months I will be undertaking placements at our office in Nagoya, Japan and at IVS, Department for Transport in London.  While at a Health and Safety Laboratory, I was investigating incidents where someone had been fatally injured to discover their root cause.  At a sports car manufacturer, my main project was to develop a side pole crash test for an upcoming model.  I was working with lots of different people within the company, applying my project and people management skills (and finally witnessing the crash tests). 


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