Provisional GB Type Approval Scheme – Frequently Asked Questions

This page was last updated on 14th July 2021


This guidance is intended for manufacturers, importers and distributors of motor vehicles in Great Britain.

One of the options for registering vehicles in Great Britain is now the Provisional GB Type Approval Scheme.  This has been in place since 1st January 2021. The following is a selection of the most common questions asked:

What Categories of Vehicles are in Scope?

Currently, it is mandatory for motor vehicles (Categories M, N, L and T) to hold provisional GB approval.  Subject to the introduction of further planned legislation, from 1st January 2022, it will be mandatory for NRMM engines, trailers (O category) and components (which do not hold a UNECE approval) to hold a provisional GB scheme approval as well.

How should I apply?

You can apply for a provisional GB approval using the Type Approval application form available on our website:

Type Approval and CoP Form

You will require a unique VCA job number for each approval you are applying for.

What does it cost?

The cost for setting up a Provisional approval for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) engines, trailers and components will be free, if it takes place before the date it becomes compulsory. The costs for setting up Provisional approvals after that date, or for updating/extending any existing Provisional approval are as follows:

  • £110 for creating new Provisional GB Type Approvals where the underlying EU approval is a new approval (i.e. the extension number is at *00)
  • £151 for creating new Provisional GB Type Approvals where the underlying EU approval extension number is not at *00
  • £151 for extensions to Provisional GB Type Approvals (i.e. the underlying EU approval extension number is not at *00

What should I do if I don’t have an account?

To process your application, you will need to hold an account with us to support the payment process.  If you do not currently have an account with us, we recommend setting one up in advance of requiring a GB provisional approval to minimise any potential delays. You can do this by completing the Customer Account Application Form, which is available on our Vehicle Type Approval page.

Do I need to add the GB provision approval mark to the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) or the vehicle?

The Provisional GB Type Approval number does not need to be marked on a vehicle or CoC. The Department for Transport (DfT) will be consulting on proposals to require markings in the future.

Do I require a representative in GB to obtain a provisional GB approval?

At this stage, you do not require a representative in the GB to obtain a provisional GB approval.

What representative(s) will I need in the future?

No decisions have been taken. However, the consultation is likely to propose the following: For the Full GB Scheme, manufacturers are likely to be required to have a representative within Great Britain.  For the UK(NI) Scheme, manufacturers are likely to be required to have a representative within the European Union or Northern Ireland. A manufacturer to whom a UK(NI) approval is already issued which does not have a representative in the European Union or Northern Ireland is likely to be required to appoint one by 1st January 2022.

I did not transfer my old e11 approval, what type of approval is this now?

Any e11 whole vehicle approval not transferred to an alternative EU Approval Authority prior to the end of the transition period is now considered an UK(NI) approval.  If you require a Full GB approval instead, then the UK(NI) approval can be re-classified as a GB approval following a written notification to your usual VCA contact. In this case, the UK(NI) approval will cease. If you wish to run both a UK(NI) AND a GB approval simultaneously, a new application and information document will be required for the GB approval – although it will be considered an Existing type, the same as the UK(NI) approval.

What are the Small Series Limits?

Please refer to our National Type Approval in the UK information for limits for each vehicle category:  There is an increase in GB Small Series volume limits for 2021 only, for some categories of vehicles.  Please note that UK(NI) Small Series has different volume limits and there is no increase for 2021. The UK(NI) scheme has to stay within the limits set for the EU.

How long is a GB provisional approval valid for?

A provisional GB approval will have validity for at least two years (or less if the EU type approval on which it is based loses validity in the EU before two years has expired). Within the two-year validity period, all Provisional GB Type Approvals must be converted into Full GB Type Approvals.

When will the Full GB Scheme come into effect?

The full scheme is being developed, and the DfT hope to consult on new regulations covering categories M, N and O shortly. A consultation on separate regulations setting up the full scheme for motorcycles and tractors (categories L and T) will take place late this year, and it will be based on the same principles, where appropriate. It is to be proposed that approval to the full scheme will be available for the applicable vehicle categories as soon as the relevant regulations are signed and would be compulsory for new type approvals 6 months later. Provisional Approvals will remain valid for two years, although any Provisional Approvals issued after the full scheme legislation for that category is signed may have a shorter duration than two years.

What is happening about Conformity of Production (CoP) arrangements for the Full GB Scheme?

CoP requirements will come into force for manufacturers when they request an approval under the Full GB Scheme on its inception and will need to be satisfied before an approval is issued. Our CoP department will begin to engage with all manufacturers over the next 12-18 months and agree audit schedules.  We intend to hold a workshop later this year to fully explain CoP requirements. If you’d like to take part in that, please register your interest here.

Do you have a question not listed above? Then please get in touch.?

If you have worked with us before, you can talk to your usual contact.  Alternatively, you can send your enquiry to us, using our Contact Us page. Please include ‘GB Type Approval’ in the subject line to ensure your email is directed to the correct team.