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Civil Traffic Enforcement in the UK: Wales

Civil Traffic Enforcement in England is here

Parking restrictions, bus lane use and certain other moving traffic contraventions are increasingly being enforced by local traffic authorities who have sought and been granted civil enforcement powers.

Parking restrictions are increasingly being enforced by local traffic authorities who have been granted civil enforcement powers. Regulations introduced in 2013 extend to local authorities the opportunity to adopt civil enforcement of bus lane and some moving traffic contraventions. This basket of powers is intended to give authorities a range of measures to tackle traffic congestion and so speed-up the flow of traffic.

Changes to legislation have harmonized the civil traffic enforcement procedures throughout Wales and include provisions for the production of evidence from closed circuit TV cameras and associated recording equipment. Such devices not covered by an existing recognized approval must be certified as “approved devices” by the Welsh Government. The Vehicle Certification Agency has been appointed to do this on the Welsh Government’s behalf.

The Welsh Government provides its published Civil Traffic Enforcement documentation on its web site (Opens in a new window)

Independent adjudicators have been appointed to deal with unresolved disputes about Penalty Charge Notices issued by traffic authorities for contraventions. Further advice is available from: PATROL (Opens in a new window)