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DG Packaging Test Station Area

This area of the VCA website contains information intended primarily for dangerous goods packaging test stations who have been appointed by the UK competent authority.  Available here are a series of files which should be used when reporting performance tests conducted in accordance with UN recommendations. The files are in Microsoft Excel 2003  format. Test stations may download specification forms for their own use and may distribute them to clients and packaging manufacturers for completion as necessary. However, report formats and specification check forms are solely for the use of the test stations and are not for wider distribution. The VCA Dangerous Goods Office should be informed if problems are encountered with any specific file.

Files that are currently available include:

  • Specification forms for most types of UN packaging
  • Report formats covering:
  • drop test only (sacks)
  • drop & stack tests (solids and combination packs)
  • drop, leakproofness, internal pressure and stack tests (liquids).
  • The more commonly used specification check forms
  • The UN packaging certificate application form.

The remaining specification check forms, and new revalidation report forms will be added over the course of the next few months.

Test stations should download the appropriate files from this website each time they need them, rather than store copies on their own IT systems. This will deliver two distinct advantages:

  • Simplified document control procedures for the test station
  • Assurance that the most up-to-date format is used.

New and/or updated files may be placed on this website from time to time. Notice of amendments or additions to the site will not normally be circulated, except when they are substantial in nature and test stations are therefore advised to visit the site periodically in order to keep abreast of any changes in documentation or requirements.   When an updated file is released, reports containing the immediately preceding version will be accepted for up to 3 months to allow for work in progress at the time of the update. Thereafter, a reports containing obsolete or superseded forms will be rejected.  

The reports, specification forms and specification check worksheets on this site are designed to be completed electronically and compiled into a single Excel workbook by copying each worksheet in its entirety, rather than cutting and pasting its contents. Information on how to move or copy a worksheet may be found in MS Excel's Help files. 

It is recommended that the report workbook is used as the basis for compiling the report file, and that worksheets for the specifications, specification checks, photographs and drawings are copied or moved to it in the order in which they would normally appear in hard copy.  A report compiled in this way will auto paginate, and if it is saved using the test reference as the filename, the test reference will be displayed at the appropriate position in the report when viewed or printed. Please let us know if there are any glitches with these features or the files in general.

The  specification form and specification check worksheets are protected in order to prevent alteration of any cell except those in which data may be entered. This restriction also disables the selection of non-data cells on the form, which, as a result, can not readily be cut and pasted into another format (e.g. Microsoft Word). However, this does not affect the ability to copy or move the entire sheet to another workbook, as described above. Neither does it inhibit any alteration of the data in the header and footer where required.  The report worksheets are not protected and may, within reason, be adapted to incorporate the test station's logo, UKAS number etc. and any additional or unusual test information (e.g. when the reassessment procedure is followed) providing the layout isn't changed substantially and the text is not altered.

Test reports can be submitted in hard copy, or electronically as a single Excel workbook or Acrobat (PDF) file. 

Please use the following links to access the Test Reports:

Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetPS01 - Drums & Jerricans, Metal, Non-removable head (44KB)

Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetPS02 - Drums & Jerricans, Metal, Removable head (42.5KB)

Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetPS03 - Drums & Jerricans, Plastics, Non-removable head (43.5KB)

Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetPS04 - Drums & Jerricans, Plastics, Removable head (43.5KB)

Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetPS05 - Drums, Fibre (36KB)

Microsoft Excel SpreadsheetPS06 - Drums, Composite, Plastics receptacle, Steel outer (47KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS07 - Boxes, Corrugated Fibreboard  (35KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS08 - Boxes, Solid Fibreboard or Cartonboard (33.5KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS09 - Boxes, Plywood, Natural or Reconstituted Wood (31.5KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS10 - Boxes, Rigid or Expanded Plastics (33.5KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS11 - Boxes , Metal (32.5KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS12 - Bags, Woven Plastics or Textile (27KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS13 - Bags, plastics film (26KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS14 - Bags, Paper, Multi-wall (26.5KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS15 - Inner Packaging, Glass (25.5KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS16 - Inner Packaging, Aerosol (27.5KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS017 - Drums, Composite, Plastics-Plastics (46KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS20 - Additional closures for non removable head packaging (26.5KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet PS21 - Additional apertures and closures for non-removable head packaging (29KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet RF01 - Sacks - (430KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet RF02 - Drums, Jerricans and boxes for solids, articles and inner packagings (417KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet RF04 - Drums & Jerricans for liquids - (432KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SC01 - Drums & Jerricans, Metal (24KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SC02 - Drums & Jerricans, Plastics (24KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SC03 - Drums, Fibre (25KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SC04 - Drums, Composite (25KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SC05 - Boxes, Fibreboard (24KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SC06 - Boxes, Wood or Plywood (24KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SC07 - Boxes, Rigid or Expanded Plastic (24KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet SC08 - Drums, Composite, plastics-plastics (25KB)

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Application Form - UN Package Certificate (88.5KB)