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Dangerous Goods Seminar 2019 - Presentations


Thank you for attending the 2019 Annual Dangerous Goods Conference. This page has been made available exclusively to attendees to review the presentations from the event.

Where permission has been given, presentations in PDF format are shown below. Please note that all presentations have been password protected (the password will be sent to delegates separately by email).

Before downloading a presentation, we would like to point out that all presentations remain the property of the individual author and are only available for use by delegates that attended the event.

While the delegate is free to make a copy of the presentation, it may only be copied by the delegate, and should not be shared further without the express permission of the author. Similarly, any re-use of images or content is subject to the agreement of the author.

Please also note that video content (where it appeared) has been disabled.

VCA are pleased to support technical issues in viewing this content, but any questions regarding the subject matter should be directed to the author.

Day 1

Dangerous Goods Regulations - a Primer Session - Keith White (2.9MB) 

UN 21st Revised Edition – Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations - Roe Hathlia (1.2MB) 

ADR/RID Changes Coming into Force - Sophie Willis (1.1MB) 

Knowing about Accidents Helps Compliance - Peter Mackay (1MB)

IMDG / ICAO Update - Keith White (461.1KB)  

UN Packaging Misconceptions and Challenges - Kevin Dougherty (1.9MB)

Enforcement Activity Update  - Philip Lapczuk (1.8MB) 

Digitisation of Dangerous Goods in Air Cargo - Paul Horner (11.3MB)

Dangerous Goods Occurrences and Enforcement Actions - Keith White (296.7KB) 

Hazardous Cargo - Safety at Sea - James Douglas (905KB) 

Mitigating Lithium Battery Challenges in Air Transport - Alex McCulloch (2.5MB) 

Day 2

Telematics - Munmohan Malli  (463.1KB) 

New Regulations (Class 7) and Update from ONR  - Anna Mayor (744.5KB) 

EU Exit and the VCA Dangerous Goods Office - Ziyad Akhlaq (360.9KB) 

Papers Submitted to UN for this Biennium - Joe Martin (508.6KB) 

Clinical Waste New Packing Instructions - Keith White  (120.8KB) 

Police Practitioners Forum - Enforcement - Terry Harvey (1.8MB) 

Lithium Batteries - Keith White  (98.6KB)