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Dangerous Goods Seminar 2018 - Presentations


Thank you for attending the 2018 Annual Dangerous Goods Conference. This page has been made available exclusively to attendees to review the presentations from the event.

Where permission has been given, presentations in PDF format are shown below. Please note that all presentations have been password protected (the password will be sent to delegates separately by email).

Before downloading a presentation, we would like to point out that all presentations remain the property of the individual author and are only available for use by delegates that attended the event.

While the delegate is free to make a copy of the presentation, it may only be copied by the delegate, and should not be shared further without the express permission of the author. Similarly, any re-use of images or content is subject to the agreement of the author.

Please also note that video content (where it appeared) has been disabled.

VCA are pleased to support technical issues in viewing this content, but any questions regarding the subject matter should be directed to the author.

Day 1

 Dangerous Goods Regulations – a Primer Session (Optional) Keith White (VCA DGO) (PDF 2,723)

 Regulatory update road – Darren Freezor (DfT) (PDF 693KB)

 Regulatory update sea – Helen North (MCA) (PDF 455KB)

 Regulatory update air - Eric Gillett (CAA) (PDF 956KB)

 Road enforcement, industry perspective - Nick Deal (RHA) (PDF 3,150KB)

 Tank Compliance - Steve Gillingham (DfT) (PDF 544KB)

 Radioactive update - Anna Mayor (ONR) (PDF 222KB)

 Decision making based on risk of transporting DG - Richard Hakeem (UK LPG Association) & Darren Freezer (DfT) (PDF 566KB)

 Lithium Batteries - Liz Girling (VCA DGO) (PDF 101KB)

 Role of the National Chemical Emergency Centre - Caroline Raine (NCEC - Ricardo) (PDF 2000 KB)

 VCA tank and pressure vessels certification and approval - Ziyad Aklaq (VCA DGO) (PDF 321KB)

 On the road enforcement - Phil David (South Wales Police and Chair of National Carriage of Dangerous Goods Practitioner Forum) (PDF 5,445KB)


Day 2


 Amendments to the carriage of dangerous goods and use of Transportable Pressure Equipment. - Roh Hathlia (DfT) (PDF 72KB)

 Transport of DG in bulk - Keith White (VCA) (PDF 545KB)

 MCA Enforcement - Helen North (MCA) (PDF 454.6KB)

 Dutch approach to the transport of dangerous goods Eric Migglebrink (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management) (PDF 2,791KB)

 Results of If I had my way I would change - Keith White (VCA DGO) (PDF 362KB)

 DVSA Enforcement - Philip Lapczuk (DVSA) (PDF 691.9KB)


If you are encountering difficulties in downloading the presentations and would like us to send these to you using our ShareFile utility, then please drop us a line: